Adagio Ballet Students in Professional Nutcracker Performances! December 4, 2012

The Holidays are approaching quickly: what a great time to celebrate our Students and their achievements!
The Nutcracker is a celebrated tradition gifted to us by the world of Ballet. Practically synonymous with the term ‘holiday’ to a ballet dancer, this magical story takes dancers and their audiences to an imaginative, magical world of dancing candies, mice, and toy soldiers. Nearly every ballet dancer dreams of growing up to be cast as one of the Nutcracker’s shining stars, and anticipate the opportunity to bring this story to life during the holiday season.
We at Adagio Ballet are thrilled to share this experience with our own dancers through a series of excerpted performances in our own Black Box Theater on Friday, December 14, and Saturday, December 15th. As part of the high quality, reputable training our twelve-hundred greater Washington DC area dancers receive, this is a great opportunity to introduce the story and its history into our dancers’ education!
Adagio Ballet is also extremely proud to announce that a number of our students are invited annually to dance in the Nutcracker with various professional ballet companies performing in the Washington, DC, area! This is made possible by the hard work and dedication that these dancers put into their dance training. Congratulations and thank you to the following accomplished dancers for their dedication to the art of Ballet, superb focus during each lesson, and continuous hard work:
Anna Guttman-McCabe – Joffrey Ballet 2010, ABT 2011, Ballet West 2012

Olivia Dempsey – Joffrey Ballet 2010, Moscow Ballet 2012
Ania Lakritz (Adagio Alumni) – Joffrey Ballet 2010

Savanna Hunter – ABT 2011, Ballet West 2012
Valerie Biggs – Moscow Ballet 2011, 2012

Abigail Guttman-McCabe (Adagio Alumni)- Moscow Ballet 2011
Bella Courard-Durso – Moscow Ballet 2012
Flora Hepp – Moscow Ballet 2012
Katie Bourque – Moscow Ballet 2012
We also extend our thanks to the dancers’ families for their support and belief in the values that we share as a community — the beauty and grace of ballet is a lifelong gift to our Students. Adagio Ballet is delighted to establish and encourage an environment where students, parents, teachers, and staff work together to bring ‘Grace and Memories for Life’ each and every child!

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