School Year Calendar

Adagio Ballet 2016-2017



September 3-7 Labor Day Weekend (school closed)
September 8 Start of Fall Session (14 weeks, ends Dec. 18)
September 15-21 Class Orientations


October 1-31 Winter Session Priority Registration


November 24-27 Thanksgiving Holiday (school closed)


December 5-9 Parent Observation Weekday Classes (Early Years)
December 9 Nutcracker General Black Box Rehearsal (All Casts)
December 10 & 11 Adagio’s Nutcracker: School Closed
December 10 Nutcracker Kenmore Rehearsals(Intensives)
December 11 Nutcracker Performances (Intensives)
December 12-18 Winter Showings- (Youth Program)*
December 17-18 Parent Observation Weekend Classes (Early Years)
December 19-20 Winter Camps
December 21-January 1 Winter Holiday


January 2 Start of Winter Session (12 wks, ends March 26th)


February 1-29 Spring Session Priority Registration
February 24-March 5 National Dance Week (school events)


March 3-4 Adagio Dance Company Showcase TBD*
March 18 Intensive Black Box Showing- Jazz, Modern, Tap*
March 14 Intensive Black Box Showings- Ballet*
March 20-26 Winter Session Observation Week (all levels)
March 27 Start of Spring Session (12 weeks, ends June 25th)


April 10-12 Spring Camps
April 10-16 Spring Break- No session classes
April 30 Spring Concert Intensive Show Black Box Rehearsal


May 7 Spring Concert Intensive Show Black Box Rehearsal
May 13 Spring Concert Intensive Show Black Box Rehearsal
May 19, 20-21 Spring Concert Shows for Intensive and Youth Program
May 29 Memorial Day (School Closed)
May 30- June 13 Spring Session Intensive Exams


June 10-11 Spring Concert Shows for Early Years & Beg Ballet 1 levels (with Junior Ballet Company)
June 19-25

June 25th

Spring Session Observation Week (Elves, Fairies)

Last Day for Spring Session 2017

June 26 Summer Session (8 wks)/ Summer Camps (9 wks)
July 2-9 Summer Holiday (School Closed)


September 7th Start of the School Year 2017-2018
*Exact schedule TBA