Priority Registration process

Adagio’s School year:

  • Fall Session: No priority registration period applies. First come first serve basis.
  • Winter Session: October is the month for enrolled students to save their spot in class for Winter Session!
  • Spring Session: February is the month for enrolled students to save their spot in class for Spring Session!
  • Summer Session/Camps: No priority registration period applies. First come first serve basis.

Class Discounts

  • Multiple Class Discount: We will offer a flat 10% discount for each additional class per student.
  • Family Discount: We continue to offer a 10% sibling discount for all families.

Refer a friend program

  • Earn a credit when you refer a friend! Personal recommendations are important to us and we truly appreciate when our families refer us to their friends. We would like to say thank you by offering a $50 credit once your referral becomes a new student at Adagio Ballet! The new student will receive a $20 credit towards apparel.
  • Guidelines: At the time of enrollment, new student gives us your name or you may provide us with the name and e-mail of an interested student and we can reach out to them. Once the referral has completed her/his first session we will email you a credit voucher including a code to redeem the credit.

*Eligible referrals are for new students at Adagio Ballet only. Credit is valid for 1 year and may be applied only towards tuition. This offer is effective starting March 2017 and does not apply retroactively. For summer camp referrals, we offer a $25 credit for referrals. Limit of up to $200 in referral credits per family per year.

Make up classes

Adagio Ballet does not offer make up classes.

* Exceptions:

  • We will re schedule a class if we are unable to find a substitute teacher due to an unforeseen circumstance
  • We will add an additional week with make-up opportunities at the end of the School Year if we have to close the school for 3 days or more due to Inclement Weather per year.


  • Tuition refunds are not granted. Extreme circumstances are considered on a case by case basis.
  • Please contact the school by phone (703) 527-8900 or email for further inquiry.

Weather closure policy

  • In the case of inclement weather, Adagio Ballet and Dance School posts regular updates as to whether we are open on the Announcement section of our website.
  • We will usually post updates 2 hours before your class start time. If there is no update posted, assume that classes are running as usual.
  • Generally, we do everything possible to remain open while also considering the safety of all our students, families, and staff. Sometimes as weather conditions change, we need to make more than one update per day.
  • Important note: We will be unable to change our voicemail and answer the phone if we are closed. The most efficient way to know if we will be holding classes is by checking the Announcement section on our website.

What we consider when making a decision:

  • Road conditions
  • Our parking lot conditions
  • School/government closures

* For more than 3 days of Inclement Weather Closure Days per year, we will add an additional week with make-up opportunities at the end of the School Year.

Dress Code

Ballet Dress Code:

Please note that each ballet level has a specific color leotard requirement.

Boys attire for Early Years, Youth and Intensive programs:

  • Black Leggings
  • White t-shirt
  • Black Ballet shoes

Ballet program: Hair ALL levels:

All hair should be up and away from the face, neck and fastened securely in a bun. This allows for learning of proper head positions and lines of the neck and shoulders. Click HERE for bun tutorial.
Boys should have short hair nicely combed and if necessary, some gel or product applied.

Leg and foot attire:
Early Years and Youth levels:

  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Leather Ballet Slippers
  • Skirt (optional)

Intensive Ballet levels:

Ballet leotard color assignment by program and level:
Early Years: Little Elves, Little Fairies and Dancing Princesses
Leotard of Any Style – Any pastel color

Tiny Ballerinas

Lavender Tank Leotard

Beginning Ballet I

Light blue Tank Leotard

Beginning Ballet II

White Camisole Leotard

Beginning Ballet III

Forest Green Tank/Camisole Leotard

Junior Ballet I

Burgundy Tank/Camisole Leotard

Junior Ballet II

Burgundy Tank Leotard

Junior Ballet III

Black Tank/Camisole Leotard

Pre – Intensive

Light Pink Tank Revolution Leotard (Available at front desk)

Ballet Intensive 1

Light Blue Tank/Camisole Leotard

Ballet Intensive 2

Royal Blue Tank Leotard

Ballet Intensive 3

Neon Pink leotard: Discount Dance Neon Pink Leotard or Wear Moi Leotard Option

Ballet Intensive Intermediate C

Seafoam Green Leotard:  Wear Moi Seafoam Green Leotard

Ballet Intensive Intermediate B

Scarlet Red Leotard: Adagio Scarlet Leotard, Discount Dance Scarlet Red Leotard or Wear Moi Leotard Option

Teen Intensive:

Black Tank/Camisole Leotard

Ballet Intensive Intermediate/ Advanced

Royal Blue Leotard: Adagio Royal Leotard, Discount Dance Royal Blue Leotard or Wear Moi Leotard Option

Ballet Intensive Advanced

Black Tank/Camisole Leotard

 Jazz Dress Code: Youth Program:

Black Jazz pants or Black leggings

Black Jazz shoes or Jazz boots

Contrasting color leotard or fitted tight tank top

Dark Socks

Hair: Ponytail (headband for short hair)

Jazz Dress Code: Intensive program:

Tap Dress Code: Youth and Intensive:

  • Black pants or Black leggings
  • Black Tap Shoes.
  • Contrasting color leotard or fitted tight tank top
  • Dark Socks
    *Hair: Ponytail (headband for short hair)

Modern Dress Code: Youth and Intensive Program

  • Black pants or Black leggings
  • Barefoot
  • Contrasting color leotard or fitted tight tank top
    *Hair: Ponytail (headband for short hair)

Safety and Behavior Rules

  • Students should arrive prepared to dance at least 5 minutes prior the beginning of class.
  • If a Student is late, please have her/him enter the classroom in a quiet and respectful way that does not disrupt the class.
  • Each student should follow the dress code for their class level.
  • Students are encouraged to have their snack and visit the bathroom before class; and to enter the classroom focused and prepared to dance – this is how they will benefit the most from their dance classes.
  • Absolutely no gum is allowed in the school. Snacks and drinks are allowed in the Waiting Area but everyone is responsible for taking care of their trash.
  • Parents are welcome to observe class from the observation window on every studio door. Otherwise, parents are invited inside the classroom during Observation Week (typically held during the last week of each session).
  • Please help us maintain a school atmosphere at Adagio Ballet by reminding your Students and their siblings to be quiet and respectful of school rules and property.
  • If you plan on purchasing dance clothing or shoes, please arrive early enough so that there is enough time to buy and put on apparel before class time.
  • Please pick-up your Student on time. Adagio Ballet staff is not responsible for unsupervised children.
  • If you have any questions or concerns on any level, please consult the Front Desk in person, or email /call the Office directly at  (703) 527-8900.