Priority Registration Dates

Enrolled students have the benefit to register for the following session in their current class in advance of the general community.
2019-2020 School Year:

  • Winter/Spring Session: For families enrolled in Fall Session, register November 1-15th to secure place in current class for Winter/Spring Session.
  • Session 2 (Parent/Child & Little Elves Levels): For families enrolled in Session 1, register November 1st-15th to secure place in current class for Session 2.
  • Session 3 (Parent/Child & Little Elves Levels only): For families enrolled in Session 2, register February 23rd-29th to secure place in current class for Session 3.

Trial Students:

  • If a class has 3 spaces or more available, we will hold your place for 48 hours. After this time frame, it will be first come first serve.

Payment Plans

For the 2019-2020 School Year, payment plan options are available as a convenience to spread out payments through automatic billing. Payment plans are not considered partial registrations. Students are enrolled for the entire session or school year depending on the plan and tuition must be paid in full by the due dates.

Full-Year Payment Plan- 4 installments

Register by September 15th for one or more courses for Fall & Winter/Spring Sessions.

For best class availability, register prior to start of Fall Session- September 6th.

Eligible Discounts- Multiple Class & Sibling Discounts (Full-Year Discount not applicable)

Automatic Billing Payment Schedule- Sept, Nov, & Jan 30th

Spring Concert fees paid with first installment or by January 31st in a separate transaction.


Winter/Spring Session Payment Plan- 2 installments

Spring Concert Performers: Register by January 31st for one or more courses in the Winter/Spring Session with Spring Concert Fees.

New Students registering after Spring Concert Participation Deadline: have until March 1st to qualify for plan.

Eligible Discounts- Multiple Class & Sibling Discounts

Automatic Billing Payment Schedule- 2nd Installment March 16th

Performance Fees due by January 31st.


Intensive Program 4K Plan- 4 installments

Register by June 30th for all school year courses totaling 4k or more.

Eligible Discounts- Full-Year discount, Multiple Class, & Sibling Discounts

Automatic Billing Payment Schedule- Sept, Nov, & Jan 30th

Performance fees- Nutcracker fee may be included in plan registration. Spring Concert fees- pay separately by October 31st.


Intensive Program 5K Scholarship Plan- 4 installments

Register by July 30th for all school year courses totaling 5k or more.

Eligible Discounts- 5K Scholarship- tuition is capped at 5K plus performance fees.

Automatic Billing Payment Schedule- Sept, Nov, & Jan 30th

Performance fees- Nutcracker fee may be included in plan registration. Spring Concert fees- pay separately by October 31st.

Late Fee Policy For Payment Plans

If a scheduled payment fails we will contact you to for an alternative form of payment.  If Installment is not paid within 7 days of due date payment will be subject to a 5% late fee.


Class Discounts

  • Multiple Class Discount: Applies to ALL courses enrolled during school year.
  • Sibling Discount: Applies to ALL siblings in a family that are enrolled during a school year.

Refer a friend program

  • Earn a credit when you refer a friend! Personal recommendations are important to us and we truly appreciate when our families refer us to their friends. We would like to say thank you by offering a $50 credit once your referral becomes a new student at Adagio Ballet! The new student will receive a $20 credit towards apparel.
  • Guidelines: At the time of enrollment, new student gives us your name or you may provide us with the name and e-mail of an interested student and we can reach out to them. Once the referral has completed her/his first session we will email you a credit voucher including a code to redeem the credit.

*Eligible referrals are for new students at Adagio Ballet only. Credit is valid for 1 year and may be applied only towards tuition. This offer is effective starting March 2017 and does not apply retroactively. For summer camp referrals, we offer a $25 credit for referrals. Limit of up to $200 in referral credits per family per year.


Surprise your child with the GIFT OF DANCE and receive a $20 credit towards dance shoes or apparel along with a special gift and card.

Promo Period: November 16th – December 16th

Promotion Details:

Winter/Spring 19-20 Session registrations for New Students between November 16th -Dec 16th will receive $20 in credit towards dance apparel or shoes. In addition, you will receive a Sugar Plum Fairy Wand or Hairpiece with an invitation to the first dance class!

Pick up your apparel and gift between Dec 17th– 21st before the school closes for the holiday break. Unredeemed apparel credits will be valid through January 15th 2020.

Gift of Dance Promo Trials:

Families who reserve a trial class during the promo period between Nov 16-Dec 16th, that is scheduled to take place by January 15th, will receive the Sugar Plum Fairy Wand or Hairpiece with invitation. Please pick up this gift between Dec 17th – 21st.

Then IF you register for the winter/spring session by January 15th, the $20 credit towards apparel will be awarded.

Make up classes

Adagio Ballet does not offer make up classes.


  • Tuition refunds are not granted.

COVID-19 Credit Policy (effective as of 4/4/2020)

  • School credit will be given to families who request to unenroll in our 2020 Winter/Spring Session, prorated as of date of request.
  • Credits may be used for future enrollments for any family member or may be transferred to another student.
  • Credits may be redeemed through the summer of 2021 for enrollments in session classes, camps, fees and apparel.
  • When registering, please request your credit be applied.
  • Any credit request or credit transfer to a non-family member, must be submitted via email to

Weather closure policy


  • In the case of inclement weather, refer to our website for regular updates. Emergency announcements are posted across the top of the home page.
  • We aim to post updates 2 hours before classes start. If there is no update posted, assume that classes are running as usual. As weather conditions change, we may need to make more than one update per day.
  • Generally, we do everything possible to remain open while also considering the safety of all our students, families, and staff.
  • Important note: We will be unable to change our voicemail and answer the phone if we are closed. The most efficient way to know if we will be holding classes is by checking our website and social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).
    What we consider when making a decision:
  • Road conditions
  • Our parking lot conditions
  • School/government closures
    * If your class is affected by a weather-related closure more than 2 times per school year, you may contact the school to schedule 1 make up class during the Summer Session.

Parking (Arlington location)

  • We have reserved parking spots in the plaza, marked with “Reserved for Adagio Ballet” signs. The parking spots reserved for McEnearney Realtors are not to be used by Adagio customers. Additional parking is available in any of the unmarked parking spots in the shopping center located in front of Rite Aid, Nail Salon, and Thirsty Bernies. You may also park along the curb on N Albemarle St, located in front of Adagio.

Class Attendance & Tardiness

  • We encourage regular attendance and early arrival before class to provide students with a consistent learning process to advance through the curriculum goals.

Hallway Etiquette

  • Please supervise children when not in class and discourage them from running or shouting in the hallway. Please be courteous to classes that are going on while waiting in the lobby. Books are available for children and quiet activities are encouraged. Additionally, students are more attentive and class is most productive when their energy is calm prior to class time.


  • End of session progress reports are emailed to parents. Additional comments are provided by the Teacher and Directors.


Camp Cancellation Policy:

  1. We require 2 weeks’ notice prior to camp start date in order to grant alternate camp or credit options without a penalty fee. No refunds granted.
  2. Camp cancellation or changes with less than 2 weeks’ notice, will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee.
  3. Moving/Switching camp weeks: If you wish to move your student to another camp week, we require 2 weeks’ notice. Moving/switching camps after this time frame will be subject to a 15% fee.

Terms and Conditions for Summer Session Make up Classes:

  1. We offer make up class options during our Summer Session classes ONLY.
  2. We need advance notice of absence and make up request by email: or phone: 703 527 8900. * Important note: Not all classes on the schedule are available for a make-up, due to class size. The sooner you contact us to reserve a make-up spot the better.
  3. Make ups are offered as a courtesy and work on a first come first serve basis. We will do our best to accommodate, however it is not guaranteed that a make up class can be arranged.
  4. Make ups don’t necessarily have to be in the same course. Students may take a make up class in other/alternative courses that are both age and level appropriate.

Dress Code

Ballet Dress Code:

Please note that each ballet level has a specific color leotard requirement.

Boys attire for Early Years, Youth and Intensive programs:

  • Black Leggings
  • White t-shirt
  • Black Ballet shoes

Ballet program: Hair ALL levels:

All hair should be up and away from the face, neck and fastened securely in a bun. This allows for learning of proper head positions and lines of the neck and shoulders. Click HERE for bun tutorial.
Boys should have short hair nicely combed and if necessary, some gel or product applied.

Leg and foot attire:
Early Years and Youth levels:

  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Leather Ballet Slippers
  • Skirt (optional)

Intensive Ballet levels:

  • Pink tights
  • Matching Skirt (optional)
  • Pink Grishko Ballet Shoes (Purchase online or at a Robcyns).
  • Recommended Grishko Ballet Shoes: View & purchase here

Ballet leotard color assignment by program and level:
Early Years: Little Elves, Little Fairies and Dancing Princesses
Leotard of Any Style – Any pastel color

Tiny Ballerinas

Lavender Tank Leotard

Beginning Ballet I

Light blue Tank Leotard

Beginning Ballet II

White Camisole Leotard or Light Pink Camisole Leotard

Beginning Ballet III

Navy Blue Tank/Camisole Leotard

Junior Ballet I

Burgundy Tank/Camisole Leotard

Junior Ballet II

Burgundy Tank Leotard

Junior Ballet III

Black Tank/Camisole Leotard

Teen Ballet 

Black Camisole Leotard

Pre – Intensive

Light Pink Tank Revolution Leotard (Available at front desk)

Ballet Intensive 1

Light Blue Tank/Camisole Leotard (available at front desk)
View and purchase here or here

Ballet Intensive 2

Royal Blue Tank Leotard: Wear Moi or Discount Dance Option

View and purchase here or here

Ballet Intensive 3

Neon Pink leotard: Discount Dance Neon Pink Leotard or Wear Moi Leotard Option

View and purchase here or here

Ballet Intensive 4

Mint/Sea foam Green Leotard:  Wear Moi or Discount Dance Option.

View and purchase here or here

Ballet Intensive 5

Scarlet Red Leotard: Adagio Scarlet Leotard, Discount Dance Scarlet Red Leotard or Wear Moi Leotard Option

View and purchase here or here

Ballet Intensive 6

Lavender/Lilac Purple Leotard: Discount Dance Options

View and purchase here or here

Ballet Intensive 7 through Conservatory

Black Tank/Camisole Leotard

View and purchase here or here

Purchase at Adagio.

Ballet Teen Intensive:

Black Tank/Camisole Leotard

View and purchase here or here

 Jazz Dress Code: Youth Program:

Black leggings or Black shorts

Black Jazz shoes

Contrasting color leotard 

Black Socks

Hair: Ponytail (headband for short hair)

Jazz Dress Code: Intensive program:

Tap Dress Code: Youth and Intensive:

  • Black leggings
  • Black Tap Shoes.
  • Contrasting color leotard or fitted tight tank top
  • Black Socks
    *Hair: Ponytail (headband for short hair)

Modern Dress Code: Youth and Intensive Program

  • Black leggings
  • Barefoot
  • Contrasting color leotard
    *Hair: Ponytail (headband for short hair)

Hip Hop Dress Code:

  • Sneakers
  • Black Leggings
  • Contrasting color tank or spaghetti strap top
  • *Hair: Ponytail (headband for short hair)

Lyrical Dress Code:

  • Black leggings
  • Contrasting color leotard
    *Hair: Ponytail (headband for short hair)
  • Barefoot/ Jazz Shoes (teacher discretion).


Safety and Behavior Rules

  • Students should arrive prepared to dance at least 5 minutes prior the beginning of class.
  • If a Student is late, please have her/him enter the classroom in a quiet and respectful way that does not disrupt the class.
  • Each student should follow the dress code for their class level.
  • Students are encouraged to have their snack and visit the bathroom before class; and to enter the classroom focused and prepared to dance – this is how they will benefit the most from their dance classes.
  • No gum is allowed in the school. Snacks and drinks are allowed in the Waiting Area but everyone is responsible for taking care of their own trash.
  • Parents are welcome to observe class from the observation window on studio doors or on the TV monitor. Otherwise, parents are invited inside the classroom during Observation Week (typically held during the last week of each session).
  • Please help us maintain a pleasant school atmosphere at Adagio Ballet by reminding your Students and their siblings to be quiet and respectful of school rules and property.
  • If you plan on purchasing dance clothing or shoes, please arrive 15 minutes early so that there is enough time to be fitted for shoes and apparel and account for front desk congestion at the beginning of sessions.
  • Parents/Guardians of students in the Early Years Program should remain present in the school during class time.
  • For students 6 and older, drop-off is allowed. Please pick-up your Student on time. Adagio Ballet staff is not responsible for unsupervised children.
  • If you have any questions or concerns on any level, please consult the Front Desk in person, or email /call the Office directly at  (703) 527-8900.