Spring Performances FAQ

Spring Concert Performances General Frequently Asked Questions


Is it mandatory to participate in the Spring Concert?

The Spring Concert is not mandatory. Students who choose not to participate in the Spring Concert are still incorporated actively in learning the dance during class time.


Is there a deadline to register for the Spring Concert?

The deadline to participate in the Spring Concert is January 31st. Costumes are made to order and require early ordering to ensure availability and shipping.


Can my student switch class day/time if they are registered for the Spring Concert?

Once the deadline of January 31st passes, students are not allowed to switch classes. All Spring Concert participants MUST remain in the same class day & time for the remaining of the Winter/Spring session (January through June).


Does the Spring Concert require extra rehearsal time?

There will be one mandatory dress rehearsal at the theater, usually scheduled the day prior to the performance day. All other rehearsals will take place during regular class time.


When will I know the exact times for the Dress Rehearsal and Performance weekend?

The Performance weekend schedule will be announced in late February or beginning of March each year.

Keep in mind, in finalizing the schedule, we always take into consideration siblings and students in multiple classes, etc. It is important to note that there are many variables when final decisions have to be made, such as class sizes, costumes, music, etc.


How long is the performance?

For our Youth Program, each performance is approximately  60 to 90 mins.

For our Early Years Program, performances usually run 30-45 minutes approx.

The Intensive Concert is approximately 90 mins.


Does my student need to stay for the entire dress rehearsal?

Please block the entire time assigned for your student’s dress rehearsal, since show order is determined and announced closer to the dress rehearsal weekend. Students may be signed out and leave after they dance and have their picture taken during dress rehearsal.

Can I drop off my student during dress rehearsal?

If your student is a part of the Early Years program, a parent or guardian must be present. Keep in mind that you must sign in and sign out your student.

If your student is a part of the Youth program, parents are welcome to leave during dress rehearsal. Keep in mind that you must sign in and sign out your student.


Do we need to purchase tickets?

Yes. Each family will receive 2 complimentary tickets per participating student and will need to purchase any additional tickets. It is important to note that the performances have assigned seating. All families must reserve and redeem their complimentary tickets prior to performance. Ticket sales and complimentary ticket codes will be announced and emailed in April.


If my student is in multiple classes multiple days a week will he/she be in the same show for all classes?

Each year, we hold three or more shows for each program (Youth and Early Years), this is contingent on the number of participant students each year. If a students is enrolled in more than one class on different days of the week, it is likely that he/she will be participating in more than one show.

Keep in mind that 2 total complimentary tickets apply per student regardless of how many shows and classes a student is enrolled in, since the performance fee is only paid once per family.