Spring 2019 Intensive Spring Concert

NEW this year, we are excited to announce costume purchase for Intensive Program students! This will enhance the production and allow variety for class dances!


  • The performance fee will be split into a participation fee and a costume fee.
    • $65- Spring Concert Fee (paid once per family)
    • $65- Costume Fee (paid for each performing class.($60 for second costume, $55 for third costume, $50 for fourth costume onward)
  • Students will receive new costumes that they will be able to keep.
  • Deadline to Register: October 30th
  • # of costumes determined by the number of Intensive & Youth courses a student participates in.
  • Conservatory students will purchase 1-2 costumes. TBD by October when production planning is completed.
  • ADC costumes will be provided by school.