Frequently Asked Questions

Trial classes

 – Does Adagio offer a trial class?

Adagio Ballet offers a free trial class for all new students to familiarize themselves with the instructor, level, class structure and fellow classmates. Please follow up with the front desk following your student’s trial class for additional information.

Low enrollment classes

 – What is considered a low enrollment class?

All classes require at least 3 students in order to run. If a class is at low enrollment, Adagio Ballet will work for the first 3-4 weeks of the session to try and fill classes before any scheduling adjustments are made. Once decisions on class closures have been made, Adagio Ballet will work with your family to find a different class time that fits your schedule. If your class is forced to close due to low enrollment and you are unable to find another class that fits your scheduling needs, Adagio Ballet will issue a pro-rated refund for remaining classes.

Make up classes

 – My student missed a class. Can she make it up in another class?

Adagio Ballet does not offer make up classes.

* Exceptions:

  • We will re schedule a class if we are unable to find a substitute teacher due to an unforeseen circumstance
  • We will add an additional week with make-up opportunities at the end of the School Year if we have to close the school for 3 days or more due to Inclement Weather per year.

Move/switch class day and time

 – Can I move to a different class date/time in the middle of a session?
Generally, we can easily move your student and switch them out from a class if you have any conflicts with the original class you signed up for. You can give us a call at 703 527 8900 or email us at and we can do this for you.

For students participating in Spring Concert, it is strongly encouraged that they stay in the same class for both Winter and Spring sessions.

 – Can you tell me specific teacher class assignment?
Teacher assignments are subject to change without notification, however we will always do our best to notify you in an appropriate and timely manner.

 – Are the classes set on the schedule finalized throughout the school year?
Class assignments are subject to change without notification, however we will always do our best to notify you in an appropriate and timely manner.

Private Classes

 – Does Adagio offer private classes?
All of our classes are taught in a group setting with a minimum of 3 students. The maximum is based on program and level ranging from 8-15 students. Our teachers are experienced in giving students personalized attention and maintaining an active learning environment while teaching the value of teamwork in a group setting.

Intensive program students will have the opportunity of Private classes by invite only.


 – Does Adagio offer refunds?

  • Our standard school policy is not to provide tuition refunds except in the case of special circumstances.
  • Please contact the school by phone (703) 527-8900or email for further inquiry.


 – Does Adagio offer credits for future sessions/classes?
We handle credits on a case by case basis. Please contact the school by phone (703) 527-8900 or email for further inquiry.

What is your policy for inclement weather?

  • In the case of inclement weather, Adagio Ballet and Dance School posts regular updates as to whether we are open on the Announcement section of our website.
  • We will usually post updates 2 hours before your class start time. If there is no update posted, assume that classes are running as usual.
  • Generally, we do everything possible to remain open while also considering the safety of all our students, families, and staff. Sometimes as weather conditions change, we need to make more than one update per day.
  • Important note: We will be unable to change our voicemail and answer the phone if we are closed. The most efficient way to know if we will be holding classes is by checking the Announcement section on our website.

What we consider when making a decision:

  • Road conditions
  • Our parking lot conditions
  • School/government closures

* For more than 3 days of Inclement Weather Closure Days per year, we will add an additional week with make-up opportunities at the end of the School Year.

Birthday Parties

 – Does Adagio offer Birthday Parties?
We try to accommodate Birthday parties on Sundays throughout the School year. For more information contact us at 703 527 8900 or through

Studio Rentals

 – Does Adagio do Studio Rentals?
We accommodate studio rentals on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information.


 – Does Adagio offer donations to local schools and businesses?
Adagio is happy to support the local community and is always looking for ways to contribute. We offer in kind donations to local schools and businesses that might be interested. For further inquiries please email