COVID-19 Communication update: 4/6/20

Dear Adagio Ballet Families,

We hope that your families are staying healthy and safe and will remain so throughout the duration of this COVID-19 health crisis. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this critically challenging time for our organization.

Although it is unclear when we will be allowed to reopen, we are monitoring all guidelines and will reopen when it is deemed safe to do so. Though this causes great uncertainty for when life may return to normal, we are working around the clock to sustain our organization throughout the closure and reopen when this crisis subsides. Please know that as long as we can keep operating, we remain dedicated to supporting our dance community and children. The physical and mental health of our students is a top priority and with our latest effort to expand our live stream classes, we hope to provide more engagement with our students throughout the closure.

As we witness how this pandemic is particularly impacting the survival of arts organizations nationwide, we recognize that none of us can overcome this crisis alone. We are looking into all funding options that may help us maintain our staff and facilities, however they will not be enough to carry us through this crisis. We know that many families and businesses in our community are also suffering so we extend our deepest gratitude to our community for supporting us in our efforts to keep operating. Each family that is able to stay with us and participate in our online programming, is generously supporting our sustainability.

During the duration of our closure enrolled families will continue to receive:
Our spring curriculum through our new virtual learning platform(emailed- March 23rd)
Each week we add new lessons that build upon the previous videos allowing students to repeat all lessons frequently. Stay tuned for new combos and choreographies taught by our talented faculty.
NEW- you now have access to explore all classes and dance styles!
Our Zoom class schedule – expanding to our Youth Program this week
Free community classes on Facebook – this week’s schedule here (Important – Early Year’s Ballet Boogie will occur this week on Wednesday @ 10:00AM)
Make-up classes this summer

Unfortunately we must cancel our spring performances. Each performer will receive a credit for the unused portion of the performance fee to use toward future performance fees and apparel. For costumes that have not been distributed, we will contact you when they are available for pick up.

For families enrolled in our summer camp program, we aim to reopen in time to hold our camps, however this will be determined later this spring.

We will send newsletters updating you on our on-going efforts. We’ve been encouraged by your feedback so far and we’d love to keep hearing from you as your students participate in our online classes. Parents we are thinking of you as we all manage family needs, homeschooling, and work. Even with all these responsibilities, let’s remember to join our kids occasionally in exercising and dancing to keep our spirits high and deepen our bonds.

For any questions or concerns related to tuition, please refer to our COVID-19 credit policy on our website prior to contacting us via email at We appreciate your patience as we work to respond to each of you as quickly as possible. Stay safe and healthy at home and we look forward to coming together again to celebrate our strength and community perseverance. #KeepAdagioDancing #AdagioSpirit

Yours in Dance,

Katherine Horrigan, Director
Hristo Marintchev, President
Svetlana Marintcheva, Vice-President
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