Adagio Students at Summer Intensive Programs 2019

Every summer our intermediate and advanced Intensive students are encouraged to attend summer intensives across the country. This summer training exposes them to new teachers/styles and we are happy to share a few student experiences below!

Chloe Yang and Ada Zanni attended The Rock School of Dance Education’s Summer Ballet Intensive in Philadelphia, PA for two weeks. Chloe has participated in this program for the past four years while this was Ada’s first year attending. Chloe enjoyed the variety of teachers that would instruct them day to day and found her partnering class the most challenging, where she danced paired up with a male ballet student. Ada appreciated learning different ballet techniques and thought Ms. Laura Banchero led the most difficult class.

Chloe Yang at The Rock School of Dance


Axel Mcahren and Nikolai Crowl attended the Male Dance Conference (MDC) in New York City. Over five days they attended hour long classes in various styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theater, and Stage Fighting. Both found the experience exhilarating, especially since they were in classes with only boys. Nikolai thought the Contemporary class was the most challenging while Axel enjoyed the Jazz class taught by a former cast member of the Broadway show Chicago.

Axel Mcahren and Nikolai Crowl at MDC

Carolina Payeras attended The Washington Ballet’s Summer Intensive in D.C. for five weeks. This was Carolina’s first time participating in this program during which she took Ballet, Pilates, Jazz, Contemporary, and Flamenco classes. Her exposure to Flamenco was a brand new experience for Carolina and she really liked the challenge. At the end of the program there was a show where students in every level performed a Ballet piece and an additional piece in a different style.

Carolina Payeras at The Washington Ballet

Thank you to Chloe, Ada, Axel, Nikolai, and Carolina for sharing their experiences! We hope all our students enjoyed their summer and are ready to return to Adagio classes on September 5th!