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Adagio Ballet’s curriculum is designed to provide young dancers with a joyful transition from the world of magical fairy-tale dances to the fine art of classical ballet. With this intention, we have created a unique ballet curriculum which is based on the Vaganova method of ballet and uses the natural physical, mental, and social development of students as a guide for introducing the art of dance.

As students grow, they naturally begin to dance as a form of imaginative expression. Our program captures this enthusiasm and incorporates it into a curriculum designed specifically for young students. As they mature and develop physical strength, we transition our students to a more serious study of ballet technique that prepares them to be confident and technically proficient dancers and artists. Our advanced dance students have years of experience as performers and are well-equipped to continue their study at the collegiate and professional levels. 

We strive to teach our students in a way that engages their minds, bodies, and spirits by incorporating different teaching methods in our classes – such as educational, musical, and rhythmical games, improvisation, peer interaction, and artistic interpretation of literature. Among the great strengths of Adagio Ballet’s program is the number of performance opportunities (including parent demonstration days and recitals) available to our students, which develop confidence and poise as our dancers learn to perform in front of an audience.
Designed especially for the youngest dancers, our Early Years Program is for dancers ages 2.5-6.5. The program emphasizes creativity, proper ballet placement of arms and legs, musicality, and the concept of "telling a story" with our dancing. To achieve the program's goals, we use motivational and imagination tools such as stories, fun props, and dance games, which help us instill a love for the ballet dance form in Students. The Early Years program prepares Students to eventually take a formal ballet class by providing them with a foundation they can build upon.
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Our Junior Ballet level Students focus on the graceful movement of the entire body, as opposed to separate parts. Students establish the overall harmony of their dancing through learning how to place equal emphasis of the arms, body carriage, posture, and leg action. The main goals of the Junior Ballet levels are to instill greater technical consistency in Students through reiterating strong understanding of the fundamental rules and theories of ballet. Additionally, Junior Ballet Students learn to understand and pass the emotional message of dancing on a deeper and more complex level. classes Next:
In the Beginning Ballet levels, Students reach beyond the fun of fairy tales into a more formal stage of their ballet education. Students build on the strength of their prior ballet experience to begin developing as confident and capable dancers. The long term goal of the Beginning Ballet program is to instill the balance between the technical and artistic elements of ballet. classes Next:
Adagio Ballet’s Intermediate Ballet Program is designed to accommodate our students ages 12 and above with a challenging class while helping to create a thorough understanding of classical ballet technique. In combination with a pointe or another class, the intermediate program will help to prepare students for a collegiate level dance program and provide them with a solid foundation to better understand different forms of dancing. Intermediate Ballet levels meet once a week and begin to add pre-pointe and pointe work into the curriculum as the students improve their musicality and develop the necessary strength for pointe work. The Intermediate program constantly challenges students to refine their technique while learning more specific and technically advanced movements at the barre, in the center and across the floor. classes Next:
Adagio Ballet’s Intensive Ballet Program is designed to accommodate students with a very strong interest in learning the art of ballet in its complexity. Ballet Intensive levels meet twice a week, and once a student begins Pointe work in the Intensive program, it is highly recommended to enroll in an additional Pointe class. The Intensive program constantly challenges students to blend the harmony of strong technique with an artistic ballet quality. An audition/recommendation by Adagio Ballet’s faculty is required for participation. The Intensive Ballet Program closely follows the Vaganova method.

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Our Teen Ballet program is specifically designed for teenage Students who have had limited or no formal exposure to the ballet dance form. Often times, these are Students who took ballet when they were much younger, and other times they are simply "late bloomers" who are eager to learn something new. We are happy to welcome such Students to our Teen Ballet program because we believe they have a great capacity to learn when placed in a structured and dynamic learning environment. The general goals of our Teen Ballet program are to instill love and respect for the art of ballet in Students, to introduce and expand on the foundations of classical ballet and proper technique, and to lengthen and strengthen muscles while developing grace and musicality. classes Next:
Our Pointe classes are designed for our most technically proficient dancers who wish to take their ballet dancing to the next level. Because of the challenging nature of Pointe dancing, students must demonstrate a thorough understanding of proper body alignment and clean ballet technique in order to begin dancing en pointe. Our pointe classes are held separately from the student's ballet class, and the students will work on developing their technique and alignment en pointe while learning classical ballet variations and movements that are specific to pointe.

Student safety is a top priority for all teachers and staff at Adagio Ballet, and because of the challenging nature of pointe work, students will be recommended by their teacher to enter this class and sometimes a doctor's note will be required in order for the student to begin pointe class. A doctor's note will help the teachers at Adagio Ballet to ensure that the students foot, ankle and knees bones, tendons and ligaments are all at a proper stage of development for students to begin pointe.
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The Adagio Ballet Company is a children's performing group specifically designed for students who have a profound interest in the ballet and/or contemporary dance form and are eager to perform. Our Company members are enrolled in our Intensive Program and have been invited into the Adagio Ballet Company by invitation or audition. Students in each division of the company take company class and rehearse for at least 2 hours per week. Students learn new choreography (original as well as classic repertory) to perform throughout the area at local schools, community events, and festivals. The company experience is a great compliment to Intensive training because it provides performing experience and challenges the Students to develop their artistic and performance qualities while gaining versatility and expanding their repertory, which is useful for resumes and future audition endeavors for summer programs, colleges and professional performing companies. To be a member of the Adagio Dance Company requires significant commitment on the part of both Students and their Parents, as extra rehearsals and short-notice performances can sometimes be required.
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Our Intro Level is best suited for total beginners to dance who need to begin with a foundation overview. Available in the Ballet technique only.

Our Beginner Levels are slightly more advanced than the Intro classes - still taught at a beginner skill level and pace, but with the assumption of familiarity with basic vocabulary and positions. classes Next:
Our Intensive Jazz program is designed for Students who are interested in learning the jazz dance form in all of its complexity. The Intensive Jazz levels meet twice a week, and progressively focus on increasing strength, flexibility, and stamina. Intensive Students' technique and artistic skills are developed as across the floor combinations become more complex and require high levels of dance coordination, as well as the ability to memorize and learn at a faster pace. Intensive Jazz Students will be introduced to improvisation, Modern technique and influence, and "competition jazz" components. Students will consistently work on higher jumps, stronger movements, and quicker steps, as they explore every aspect of the Jazz dance form. classes Next:
Junior Dance classes is a level from the Adagio Ballet's curriculum that includes classes in the following levels for all the dance forms at Adagio Ballet. Junior I level for Ballet, Jazz, Tap; Junior II level for Ballet, Jazz, Tap; Junior III level for Ballet, Jazz, Tap. classes Next:
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